The Rising Number Of Homeless In NYC Shelters

Photo credit: Amir Khan
Photo credit: Amir Khan

For their last project, journalism students must take JRN 490, the capstone course that integrates everything they have learned in their time at the School of Journalism.

Amir Khan examined the the growing number of homeless that reside in New York City shelters.

The increase coincides with the subprime mortgage crisis and the current recession in the last five years. Over that time span, the city has seen the largest increase in the number of homeless families with children that call shelters their home.

Now, a controversial budget cut may make things worse. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s most recent budget proposal included a cut to the city’s Advantage Program, a rent assistance program that helped the homeless leave shelters and maintain an apartment while they try to become self-sufficient.

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  1. Many organizations created to help homeless, kids, teens, seniors etc seem to think they were created to create their jobs and paychecks and other activities. They spend money on arts programs trips and parties and useless endless meetings. So many help the homeless organizations get funding but people are in remain homeless. That money spent on trips, face painting carnivals, luncheons parties, performing art shows and all the other ridiculous activities could have paid rent for thousands of single adults and families or paid for tech skill job training or college degrees like all funding is suppose to be spent on. People remain in danger and many never qualify, never meet the wall of qualifications designed to forfeit funding just bounced around refferal after refferal using unfortunate people as an excuse to have a job and get funding for their own special interest activities and organizations keep getting funding for spending on everything but helping those they were created and funded to serve.

    1. I graduated from NJIT with a CS dregee but I am going to be unbiased when I answer your question For undergraduate education (PhD is a different story), both Stony Brook, NJIT and Maryland are about the same since they are all Tier-1 research universities with good professors . However in your case, I figured out you probably chose only NJIT and Stony Brook because of proximity to home. Because both Stony Brook and NJIT are located in the metro area they are equally likely to get you employed.. Employers look at your GPA and the other things that you put down in your resume and make the decision after they call you up for interview to see the kind of person (looks, communication skills, attitude etc) that you are and whether you would fit in. As for cost of attendance, you probably would know it better than I do after factoring in all the financial aids and university quoted costs. I would tend to think that Stony Brook U would give you a better value-for-money as you would be paying in-state tuition vs out-of-state at NJIT. So if I am you, I would choose Stony Brook only because of cost-factor.

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