Number of College Students Over Age 25 Increasing (Audio)

By Leah Shaw

College Students Getting Older by Leah Shaw

While most people picture college students to be young and having little responsibility outside of the classroom, there’s been a shift in the average age of the college attendant. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that in recent years the precent increase of students age 25 and older has been larger than that of younger students.

This growth comes from a variety of reasons, first and foremost the economic recession, but Karen Stengle, a 27 year-old psychology major from Stony Brook University, is looking for a second-chance to beat the economy and improve her career outlook. The full-time employee, mother and student is finishing her degree to find a better job and she’s part of the projected 20 percent growth in students 25 years or older over the next 8 years.