Newsbreak en Espanol Live Special – Colombia, War or Peace

On October 2nd, Colombia will vote Yes or No on a plebiscite to finalize peace negotiations between the State and the FARC guerilla after a half-century long armed conflict, claiming over 200,000 lives and displaced more than 7 million people. Stony Brook University School of Journalism Professor Pablo Calvi discusses the ramifications of this vote with experts from around the world including Andrés Bermúdez Liévano (Advisor at the office of the High Commissioner for Peace), Juan Camilo Maldonado (VICE, Colombia), Pablo Biffi (Clarín, Buenos Aries), Erna Von de Walde (UK, independent scholar), Laura Horvath-Roa (Stony Brook University) and Brenda Blanco (Producer, Buzzfeed and SBU School of Journalism Alumni).

Here are some pictures from the production