• Stony Brook News – April 30, 2020

    Stony Brook News – April 30, 20200

    In the latest “virtual/at home” Edition of Stony Brook News, we take a look at how classes have transitioned to online, how oral surgery is being conducted during COVID-19, pizza donations to those on the front line battling the pandemic, and how dog adoptions have helped battle COVID-19.

  • Bubbe’s iPad

    Bubbe’s iPad0

    Grandparents learn to embrace technology for medical appointments and to see family during the pandemic lockdown.

  • A second Christmas for delivery drivers

    A second Christmas for delivery drivers0

    By Louis PagilloSpring 2020 JRN 363 My father arrived home from his job as a UPS driver just before 11 p.m. Without greeting anybody, he unlaced his work boots and took off his brown company-issued button down shirt. “Long day again?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. “Another long one.” This story is part of the