Kieran Smith is one of 58 victims who have lost their lives in hit-and-run incidents in Suffolk County over the last three years.


Sinclair Korte

A brief visit with a Stony Brook student, artist Sinclair Korte, and a look at some of his work and work habits here


Dani Mose Stellar

You may be familiar with mainstream music artists, but here’s the story of one Brooklyn native who comes from the underground scene and shares her words through music.


Je Suis Charlie

Two School of Journalism students were in Paris during the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, and joined in with the crowds who were united in their defiance of terrorism and resolute in their call for freedom of expression.


LI’s Cheesy Trend

Cheese has always been a popular ingredient in a sandwich or something for a snack. Now, however, people on Long Island are taking it much more seriously as cheese shops are becoming more of a trend.


The Tattoo Artist

Jose Luis “Pepé” Jiminez is a Medford tattoo artist whose passion for his craft has been what has attracted a steady clientele to his chair, but it is also one of his struggles due to the long hours he isn’t home with his family.


Innovations in Pacemakers

About half a million people in the United States have pacemakers. A typical pacemaker lasts 7 to 10 years. New innovations are expected to decrease the failure rate.


Lower Gas Prices

Gas prices seem to have skyrocketed over the past decade. However this year, gas prices have fallen around 21 percent over the past six months, and some experts are predicting that consumers will continue to pay less at the pump.


Chelsea Marks

Chelsea Rose Marks, a neuroscience student at Stony Brook University, was born legally blind. Despite a continuing fight against a rare form of muscular dystrophy, Marks is able to enjoy life as a college student.


The New Body Shop

Through recent advancements in the prosthetic industry, many amputees will be able to restore function in her limb with the help of myoelectric technology and graphical user interfaces.


The Backyard Beekeeper

Backyard beekeeping, or hobbyist beekeeping, is increasing in popularity on Long Island – ironically, beekeepers say, because of problems with bees elsewhere in the country.


Memories Destroyed by Sandy

Many Long Beach residents feel like they lost some of their memories along with sentimental objects like photo albums and collectibles.


Researchers target ‘Cancer Stem Cells’

Cancer researchers are studying a type of stem cell that allows cancers to spread throughout the body. Understanding the ‘cancer stem cell’ may lead to better therapies for patients.


Becoming Retarded Again

Vinnie Basso, known on the Howard Stern Show as “Vin The Retard,” was born with Cerebral Palsy, a neurological condition that causes chronic pain. Basso is not mentally disabled, but has embraced his “inner retard.”

Kasie Madden: Metal Worker

From Metal to Art

Kasie Madden, 21, is a metal working student at SBU. Using machines, she molds sheets of metal into pieces of art. It was the bond with her father, himself a metal-working hobbyist, that led her down this path.

Levy Lorenzo at work. Photo by Matthew Gerardi.

Engineering Music

By Matthew Gerardi

Levy Lorenzo, a 31-year-old Stony Brook University Doctor of Musical Arts candidate who also holds Master of Engineering degrees in electrical and computer engineering from Cornell University, designs and builds his own electronic musical instruments.

Occupy Wall Street featured image. Photo by Carrie Miller.

Occupy Wall Street : “It’s all about spreading the word”

By Eloi Kurzeja

Zuccotti Park looks, at the first sight, like a place full of turmoil. Lying in the shadow of Wall Street, hundreds of people are debating, shouting, cleaning, smoking, reading, sleeping under the watchful eyes of the NYPD. Journalists, tourists and visitors are trying to make their way through the colorful duvets, bags, and cardboard on the ground. If you linger long enough, it quickly becomes apparent that a little city within the City has emerged. Quite an organized one.

Civil War Main

Living the Battle, Teaching the War

By Najib Aminy

Civil War reenactors on Long Island don their uniforms and play their roles to preserve what they feel is the most important time in American history.

5 Pointz Main

Graffiti Haven Faces Closure

By Andrew Zajic

5 Pointz in Long Island City, N.Y. has long been a safe haven for graffiti artists around the world. But now, the building’s owners are looking to tear down the building.