My Career is a Drag

Joshua Pietzold
RuPaul’s Drag Race has elevated drag culture to the mainstream, inspiring hundreds of people to pursue a career in drag. But it’s made it harder, not easier, for drag queens to make a living doing drag.


Where are the teachers of color?

Taylor Ha
Long Island is known for being one of the most segregated suburbs in the nation. But there’s an untold story: The absence of minority teachers in Long Island public schools.


The Commuter

The staff of The Osprey is proud to present its final publication for the spring of 2018, a site dedicated to transportation on Long Island.


Unfulfilled Dreams

Kristie Kam
This Capstone Project profiles young professionals who are DACA recipients, awaiting the fate of their long-term investment and success in America.


Eradicating HIV

Dara Smith
Senior Capstone Project on NY State’s ambitious program  to eradicate HIV as a public health menace

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Telling fact from fiction on social media

Duffy Zimmerman | Newday
An opinion piece by this SOJ student addressed the problem of distinguishing trustworthy information on the internet. If you stop the spread of that content, you make it easier to get the truth.

Blue iceberg

Icebergs Can Be Green, Black, Striped, Even Rainbow

Katherine Wright | Scientific American
Katherine Wright, an SoJ grad student and a science writer and journal editor working for the American Physical Society, reports how seawater, algae and lack of cracks can create colors other than white.


Huntington Public Art Initiative Faces Defunding

The Long Islander
The Traffic Signal Box Project is one of Huntington Public Art Initiative’s ventures, but the 10 other boxes scheduled to be painted this year may never be completed if the Town Board doesn’t renew the Initiative’s budget for 2018.


SBU To Open Nuclear Physics Center

Katherine Wright
Brookhaven National Laboratory and Stony Brook University announced that a physics research center dedicated to understanding the building blocks of matter will open on Long Island this year.


Waiting for Justice

Arielle Martinez
An investigation into a little-known state agency that has failed in its duty to protect residents of homes for the disabled. The graphs in this piece will shock you.