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Stories from School of Journalism students appearing in other campus publications.

Anna Correa | Stony Brook Statesman
Members of the Stony Brook community traveled almost 300 miles from campus to Washington D.C. on Earth Day, April 22 to speak out against federal budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mike Adams |Stony Brook Statesman
International correspondent Roy Gutman spoke to a small group of students about his coverage of the civil war and tragedy in Syria .

Taylor Ha |Stony Brook Statesman
These students didn’t hack computer systems in the traditional sense. Instead, they marshaled their computer science skills toward engineering innovative, useful software.

Mike Adams | Stony Brook Statesman
A crowd of over 1,000 gathered in the Staller Center on Feb. 23 to hear a candid conversation between Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times, and School of Journalism Dean Howard Schneider.

Michaela Kilgallen & Mahreen Khan |Stony Brook Statesman
University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. has said Stony Brook is considering adding citations for smoking on campus.

Antonia Brogna |Stony Brook Statesman
After spending four years as a foreign correspondent in Moscow, Russia, retired National Public Radio reporter Corey Flintoff visited Stony Brook University to discuss Russian-American relations.

Danielle DelGaudio | Stony Brook Press
It was history 108 years in the making. On the morning of Nov. 3, 2016, the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series title since 1908.

Jess Stoneburner | Stony Brook Statesman
The annual “Take a Stand, Walk with Me” march takes place every October for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is organized by the Center for Prevention and Outreach, which aims to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Samantha Mercado | Stony Brook Press
With the coming of fall, back to school and Halloween on our heels, it’s easy to overlook Latino Heritage Month, which starts in the middle of September and ends in the middle of October.

Desirae Gooding
The group Music and Medicine performs at rehabilitation centers, hospitals, child care facilities and nursing homes with the intention of putting melody and rhythm to therapeutic use.

Diamond Bridges | Stony Brook Independent
Event invites students to participate in a number of games and events and features performances by the marching band and more.

Tim Oakes | Stony Brook Statesman
She suffers from a congenital disorder, but she can be found at Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium when her team takes the field.

Chris Gaine
Incumbent representative Lee Zeldin has an arms length relationship with his party’s presidential nominee.

Nikita Ramos | The Stony Brook Statesman

Chris Gaine
According to, $4 million has been spent on the race between Republican incumbent Lee Zeldin and his Democratic challenger Anna Throne-Holst.

Janelle Clausen

Samantha Mercado | The Stony Brook Press
A profile of in the Stony Brook Press about SOJ student Hanaa’ Tameez, whose journalism career will start in Mexico City this July as she enters a three month fellowship with The Wall Street Journal.

Eric Schmid/The Statesman

Andrew Goldstein/The Statesman