Life After Prison: Exploring Re-entry for the Innocent

  • May 24, 2017
Life After Prison: Exploring Re-entry for the Innocent

Vandana Rambaran explores what happens to former prisoners who have had their convictions overturned. Unlike regular prisoners, who get help in the form of parole and halfway houses, exonerated people get no help adjusting to life outside prison — even though they were wrongfully convicted — and they have to sue for compensation.


To the #Tigray survivors, victims and their families: thank you for entrusting us with your stories. The recognition for our body of work on Ethiopia serves to counter the false narratives around the reality in Tigray. I’m so incredibly proud to lead this wonderfully dogged team.

News & Documentary Emmys


The #NewsEmmys Award for Outstanding Research: News goes to Ethiopia: Exposing the Hallmarks of a Genocide (@CNN).

What's Putin's end game in Ukraine now? Former @CBSNews Moscow correspondent & @stonybrooku prof Jonathan Sanders and @IREXintl fellow and Moldovan media content producer Ecaterina Miscisina talk it over with the Marie Colvin Center

Join us Oct 6 at the #stonybrooku Bauman Center for My Life as a Solutions Journalist with @soljourno founder Tina Rosenberg. All are welcome!

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