• CUBA: 2018

    CUBA: 20180

    Santería: an old religion in the new Cuba

    An estimated 70 percent of Cubans practice some form of Santería, an Afro-Caribbean religion derived based in natural elements.
    But some practitioner say their religion is not always respected, or understood.

  • ECUADOR: 2017

    ECUADOR: 20170

    Manari Ushigua and the weight of the world

    The leader of the Sápara nation has become the Sáparas’ link to the Western world, tasked with guiding his people to safety in a country that would see their territory scoured for oil.

  • KOREA: 2016

    KOREA: 20160

    Studying Lifestyle of Hardship in Korea

    In many ways, South Korea today remains a place still wedded to ancient Confucian values. One of the most important is a respect for learning and the learned. Few things are more honorable.