• Unfulfilled Dreams

    Unfulfilled Dreams0

    Kristie Kam
    This Capstone Project profiles young professionals who are DACA recipients, awaiting the fate of their long-term investment and success in America.

  • The Gift of Life

    The Gift of Life0

    Kevin Urgiles | Senior Capstone Project
    Kevin drove 150 miles to Albany to film a woman in desperate need of a kidney transplant from her hospital bed to demonstrate the severe organ transplant shortage in New York.

  • Icebergs Can Be Green, Black, Striped, Even Rainbow

    Icebergs Can Be Green, Black, Striped, Even Rainbow0

    Katherine Wright | Scientific American
    Katherine Wright, an SoJ grad student and a science writer and journal editor working for the American Physical Society, reports how seawater, algae and lack of cracks can create colors other than white.