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From the Classroom to Congressional Candidate

Stony Brook Press | Neda Karimi
Viloria-Fisher is in the early stages of a House race in one of New York’s most conservative areas, the 1st Congressional District.

Port Jefferson resident who escaped the Holocaust shares her story

Stony Brook Statesman | Virain Palta
Born into an aristocratic family in modern day Croatia, Stroke was only 13 when she first came face to face with the horrific realities of the second World War.

Research team helps discover massive Antarctic penguin colony

Brianne Ledda | Stony Brook Statesman
Researchers from Stony Brook, along with other universities, discovered over 1.5 million Adélie penguins in the Danger Islands near the edge of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Campus labor union demands contract after 20-month hold up

Gary Ghayrat | Stony Brook Statesman
Members of the UUP have been without a fair contract since July of 2016. Salary increases, paid family leave, and on-call pay have been holding up contract negotiations.

Women’s Swimming and Diving head coach allegedly fired

Gregory Zarb | Stony Brook Statesman
Stony Brook Women’s Swimming and Diving Head Coach Janelle Atkinson has allegedly been fired from her position, less than a year after she was originally hired.

Huntington Public Art Initiative Faces Defunding

The Long Islander
The Traffic Signal Box Project is one of Huntington Public Art Initiative’s ventures, but the 10 other boxes scheduled to be painted this year may never be completed if the Town Board doesn’t renew the Initiative’s budget for 2018.

Faculty and students protest to save non-renewed adjuncts

Stony Brook Statesman | Griffin Tokarski
Students, professors and club members rallied in the Frank Melville Library on Nov. 15 to protest recent job cuts. Nearly half of the Writing and Rhetoric program adjuncts were let go and will not return in the Spring 2018 semester.

Suffolk County Sheriff’s election too close to call

Joseph Konig | Stony Brook Statesman
In an election in which over 270,000 people voted, only 1,354 votes separated Zacarese and his opponent, according to the Suffolk County Board of Elections.