Journalism Without Walls

Journalism Without Walls is a unique educational experience offered by Stony Brook University School of Journalism. The program gives students the opportunity to report stories from beyond the limitations of the campus community.

The hands-on, practical experience enriches students with a broader, deeper understanding of the world around them. The Marie Colvin Travel Fellowship will help to vastly expand the program, giving more public school students the opportunity to go on these invaluable reporting trips.

Here are their latest stories.

Studying Lifestyle of Hardship in Korea

Cosette Nunez
In many ways, South Korea today remains a place still wedded to ancient Confucian values. One of the most important is a respect for learning and the learned. Few things are more honorable.

Bangalore 2015: The wildlife of Nagarhole National Park

The Kabini River Lodge, named for the Kabini River along which it sits, is 140 miles away from the bustle of Bangalore. The lodge gives guests a glimpse of Indian wildlife in its natural habitat.

China 2014: Comrades Around a Communal Table

Catherine Ayscue
Food has always been important to the Chinese—some time ago, “Have you eaten?” was used as a way of greeting, a way to ask, “How are you?” Now the phrase has mostly fallen out of use, but food maintains its significance in the culture.

Cubans Are Ready for Change

By Ivana Stolnik
A year after President Barack Obama’s historic announcement that the United States would begin to restore relations with Cuba, a lot of things have changed. But the onerous economic blockade remains. The effect of that U.S. policy continues to cripple the Cuban economy.

So Near and Yet So Far

Kyle Barr
The tourists who come to the Korean Demilitarized Zone are drawn in with the promise of a tangible glimpse into the state of North Korea.

North Koreans Treated as Second Class

Cosette Nuñez
In a country where North Korean Refugees are treated as second class citizens, the Duam School embraces them.

From Tourist to Tour Guide

Briana Lionetti, Rick Ricioppo
In 2012, Chris Cloonan visited Cuba with the SOJ's Journalism Without Walls program. and is now a tour guide there.

Seoul Subways a Joy

Jessica Chin and Chereese Cross
Though Seoul’s subway system is much smaller in than New York's, it gives its bigger population a more comfortable and efficient experience.

Korean Wave Hits the West

Dyondra Wilson
In the past five years, Korean pop music, soap operas and movies have been spreading worldwide.

Sewol Ferry Tragedy Remains Unsolved

Taylor Ha
Koreans are petitioning the government to atone for the failed rescue attempt of the Sewol Ferry.

Gwangjang, a 100-Year-Old Market, Continues to Thrive

Taylor Ha
Gwangjang Market currently holds approximately 1,500–2,000 vendors who sell Korean traditional food, clothing, and medicine.

Ancient Korean Folk Opera Lives on

Jessica Chin & Taylor Ha