Special Projects

Capstone projects from students in JRN 490.

For the past two decades physician assisted suicide has been a hot button issue in New York State and throughout the nation. Stony Brook students investigated the controversy over aid-in-dying in New York as their capstone project.

Megan Miller
In an effort to use her tragic story as a catalyst for change, Ana Wagner began advocating for children’s civil rights in New York State.

Christine Powell, Emily Heller, Khloé Meitz
School of Journalism students spent the past several months following fourth-year medical students on the final and most nerve-wracking part of their medical educations.

Jimin Kim
After surviving a chimp attack, Dunia Sibomana finds a new life in America on his journey to regain his smile.

Journalism students and teachers join NASA scientists to chronicle field research on the lava flows of the most active volcano on earth.

Students from the School of Journalism at Stony Brook University were taking special Journalism summer classes in Hawaii and India.

Kerlern Rae Tuitt
The Life of Brian: A Boy Whose Skin Won't Stay On is a profile of young Brian Ilg and the challenges he faces.

Marina Liao
Raising the Age: The Drive to Change How Teenagers Are Prosecuted In New York Courts is Marina Liao's look the movement to raise the age at which adolescents are tried as adults.

Andrew Kozak
Steve Kuhn has been digging for clams in the Great South Bay for over 40 years.
On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, the uptown freegan group found a bucket full of fruits and vegetables on the side of the road in Washington Heights.

The term “freegan" combines the words “free” and “vegan.” Freeganism is about more than food. Its adherents describe it as an anti-capitalist, environmental action that challenges America’s endless consumerism.
Photo by Marc Schwartz

The 2013 tropical storm season is quickly approaching on the calendar. Many in the Long Island region have been wondering if they’re going to see more storms similar to the intensity of Superstorm Sandy. How are residents preparing? Marc Schwartz reports in his capstone project, Surging Waters: Can LI Protect its Shores?
A sign that rests on the cash register in Benson’s Gun Shop. An employee eventually got tired of people complaining to him about the new laws so he decided to print this out as a message to his customers and to lawmakers. Photo by Frank Posillico.

Guns Across LI looks at the new gun laws and the financial impact on the gun shop down the street. What does it mean for family-owned businesses to lose the ability to sell assault rifles, which shop owners say have been a large piece of their sales? It is a story about people, not about weapons. Frank Posillico reports in his capstone project.

The rap community on Long Island has not developed an independent identity, separate from New York City’s mean streets. Its up-and-comers struggle with being typified with a suburban stereotype—as softer, privileged, middle-class wannabes. In her capstone project, Long Island Beats Suburban Streets, Jessica Stallone reports.

Explore the realities faced by LGBTQ teens on Long Island, and how the social landscape of the area is changing – or sometimes isn't – as young people come to terms with their sexualities at an earlier age.

Jie Jenny Zou reports on an ethical debate over drug company payouts to doctors through the lens of the Stony Brook University Medical Center.
The Last Homestead

Long Island's mobile home communities are fighting against rent hikes, corporate development and crumbling infrastructure. Erika Karp takes you inside their struggles.
Photo credit: Amir Khan

New York City has seen the largest increase in the number of homeless families with children that call shelters their home in the last five years. Amir Khan takes a look at why.

A look into the past, present and future of craft beer on Long Island, with input from people at local breweries, home brewing clubs and many more areas of the craft brewing world.

Journalism students in the advanced broadcast class (JRN 371) produce their 5th news show of the Spring ’17 semester which includes: we look into a free speech controversy at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Roth Regatta brings in a National Award, Veterans are adjusting to life at home through stand-up comedy, a recap of Seawolves Sports and this week’s weather.



Abigail Wolfenberger
Women in science working together to overcome obstacles and find support in their professional lives are the focus of this segment from the Stony Brook News.


Arielle Dollinger | VICE News
Libraries and colleges across the country are trying to educate people into being better, more discerning consumers of news. SoJ Alum Arielle Dollinger explores this movement in her piece for VICE.

Taylor Ha |Stony Brook Statesman
These students didn’t hack computer systems in the traditional sense. Instead, they marshaled their computer science skills toward engineering innovative, useful software.

Anna Correa | Stony Brook Statesman
Since the beginning of the 2016 presidential election, the idea of fake news has grown in popularity, compromising the public’s faith in credible media organizations and establishing trust in unreliable clickbait journalism.

Taylor Ha and Randall Waszynski | The Long Islander
“Sometimes, it’s like a foreign country here,” said Fred Devone, a 45 year resident of Hempstead. 45 percent of Hempstead’s residents age five and older speak a language other than English at home.

Jess Stoneburner | Stony Brook Statesman
The annual “Take a Stand, Walk with Me” march takes place every October for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is organized by the Center for Prevention and Outreach, which aims to raise awareness about domestic violence.