The Commuter

The staff of The Osprey is proud to present its final publication for the spring of 2018, a site dedicated to transportation on Long Island.

Day Laborers on Long Island

Demi Guo, Arielle Martinez, and Ronny Reyes
For their multimedia JRN364 project, SOJ students report on how suburbs on Long Island came to terms with a decades-long controversy

Reporting RIS4E

A national research team called RIS4E is helping NASA lay the groundwork for missions of the future that land humans on Mars, the Moon and maybe even asteroids.

The Struggle of Long Island Dreamers

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is an American immigration policy that would offer some undocumented immigrants a path to legal citizenship, providing they arrived before they were 16 years old and before June 2007.

The Reality of Deportation in Southampton Village

Despite immigration and deportation becoming a central issue in the general election, local law enforcement officers have little authority to enforce federal immigration policy, making deportation less of a priority in the village.