Six Minutes and Twenty Seconds

School of Journalism Special Project
Taylor Ha paints an evocative, first-person narrative portrait of the “March for Our Lives” rally in Washington, D.C.

In wake of Parkland shooting, Suffolk schools debate hiring armed guards

The Osprey
At least three school districts across Suffolk County are considering hiring armed guards after the Miller Place School District announced it would bring on four ex-NYPD officers to improve security.

Long Island hearing filled with opposition to proposed offshore drilling

The Osprey
Nearly 30 environmentalists and 11 public officials in Smithtown spoke in opposition to the Trump administration proposal to drill for oil off of Long Island’s coast at a hearing on Feb. 14.

Proposed cell tower raises environmental concerns in Smithtown

The Osprey
Plans to build a 120-foot cell tower in Smithtown to improve phone reception are being held up as the government and community consider the proposal’s potential ramifications.

The Gift of Life

Kevin Urgiles | Senior Capstone Project
Kevin drove 150 miles to Albany to film a woman in desperate need of a kidney transplant from her hospital bed to demonstrate the severe organ transplant shortage in New York.