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Featured print and web stories from students at all levels in the School of Journalism.

Two Rallies Held During Jewish High Holidays to “Wake Up” Rep. Lee Zeldin

The Long Islander
The EPA’s decision allows Connecticut to dump dredging waste into an eastern Long Island Sound site.

New State Grant Program Will Help Military Veteran Farmers

The Long Islander
New York State approved a grant program last week that will provide farmers who are military veterans with up to $50,000 to increase their farm production.

Suffolk County Seeks Septic System Reform

The Osprey
Suffolk County executives are seeking to fund action against brown tide in Great South Bay

New York State Courts Amazon for New Headquarters

The Long Islander
Long Island officials met with New York State and city officials in Manhattan last Tuesday to discuss a coordinated pitch to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to New York.

SBU To Open Nuclear Physics Center

Katherine Wright
Brookhaven National Laboratory and Stony Brook University announced that a physics research center dedicated to understanding the building blocks of matter will open on Long Island this year.

Life After Prison: Exploring Re-entry for the Innocent

Vandana Rambaran
What happens to former prisoners who have had their convictions overturned. They get no help adjusting to life outside prison and they have to sue for compensation.

New York’s Crisis in Organ Donations

Kevin Urgiles
New York State faces a severe organ donor shortage at a time when nearly 10,000 New Yorkers are waiting for the gift of life.

Waiting for Justice

Arielle Martinez
An investigation into a little-known state agency that has failed in its duty to protect residents of homes for the disabled. The graphs in this piece will shock you.

An Exhausting Dependence

Kyle Barr
How cuts in public bus routes are making an historically horrible way to get around Long Island even harder. The reporter rode 228 miles of bus routes and interviewed 32 riders and 25 officials, experts and advocates.

Emerson String Quartet Adds Students To Series

Nick Kalantzopoulos
When the music department at Stony Brook University was alerted that a member of the quartet was too ill to perform, they could not find a single replacement; so instead, they found three.

New biopsy patent could mean quicker patient diagnosis

Brittany Tesoriero & Melissa Laker | The Long Islander
The New York College of Health Professions announced on Feb. 15th that a new patent, created by inventor Donald Spector, will allow biopsy results to be received in real time.

Stony Brook community denounces travel ban at two separate protests

Michaela Kilgallen | Stony Brook Statesman
“No ban, no fear. Refugees are welcome here,” echoed throughout Stony Brook's Academic Mall as upwards of 500 protesters paraded through campus during the March for Unity.

L.I. Town Rejects Army Corps Shoreline Restoration Plan

JD Allen
The Asharoken Village Board on Long Island’s North Shore has rejected a proposed federal plan to restore a heavily eroded strip of beach that connects some residents to the mainland.

Surviving New York

Megan Miller
In an effort to use her tragic story as a catalyst for change, Ana Wagner began advocating for children’s civil rights in New York State.

Day Laborers on Long Island

Demi Guo, Arielle Martinez, and Ronny Reyes
For their multimedia JRN364 project, SOJ students report on how suburbs on Long Island came to terms with a decades-long controversy

The Struggle of Long Island Dreamers

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is an American immigration policy that would offer some undocumented immigrants a path to legal citizenship, providing they arrived before they were 16 years old and before June 2007.

A letter to the editor of The New York Times

Robert C. Wenner
A letter to Dean Baquet, editor-in-chief of The New York Times, from a Stony Brook University School of Journalism student.

Tax Hike for Schools After Valley Stream Mall Tax Break

Anisah Abdullah & Kaylyn Ahrenstein |The Osprey
A devious tax break agreement between the Hempstead Town Industrial Development Agency and the Green Acres Mall forced residents to pay more taxes.

Diplomacy through baseball: election collections

Rebekah Sherry & Joshua Pietzold | The Long Islander
Randy Kaplan has collected over 300 baseballs signed by various world leaders including Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama and Panamanian President Juan Carlos Valera.

Nassau County Legislature Debates Doubling Traffic Violation Fees

Anisah Abdullah & Maggie Cai | The Osprey
The Nassau County Democratic and Republican committees will meet on Oct. 13 to discuss a proposed $105 increase in traffic and parking violation fees as an alternative to raising county property taxes.

News Natives – October 17, 2017

Welcome to News Natives, our new news magazine show produced by our Intermediate News Broadcast Class (JRN 370) with Prof. Steven Reiner, Prof. Rick Ricioppo and Dini Diskin-Zimmerman. In this week's episode, we host a discussion about free speech on college campuses – as it relates to college sports and students’ First Amendment rights.