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Featured print and web stories from students at all levels in the School of Journalism.

Nick Kalantzopoulos
When the music department at Stony Brook University was alerted that a member of the quartet was too ill to perform, they could not find a single replacement; so instead, they found three.

Brittany Tesoriero & Melissa Laker | The Long Islander
The New York College of Health Professions announced on Feb. 15th that a new patent, created by inventor Donald Spector, will allow biopsy results to be received in real time.

Michaela Kilgallen | Stony Brook Statesman
“No ban, no fear. Refugees are welcome here,” echoed throughout Stony Brook's Academic Mall as upwards of 500 protesters paraded through campus during the March for Unity.

JD Allen
The Asharoken Village Board on Long Island’s North Shore has rejected a proposed federal plan to restore a heavily eroded strip of beach that connects some residents to the mainland.

Megan Miller
In an effort to use her tragic story as a catalyst for change, Ana Wagner began advocating for children’s civil rights in New York State.

Demi Guo, Arielle Martinez, and Ronny Reyes
For their multimedia JRN364 project, SOJ students report on how suburbs on Long Island came to terms with a decades-long controversy

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is an American immigration policy that would offer some undocumented immigrants a path to legal citizenship, providing they arrived before they were 16 years old and before June 2007.

Robert C. Wenner
A letter to Dean Baquet, editor-in-chief of The New York Times, from a Stony Brook University School of Journalism student.

Anisah Abdullah & Kaylyn Ahrenstein |The Osprey
A devious tax break agreement between the Hempstead Town Industrial Development Agency and the Green Acres Mall forced residents to pay more taxes.

Rebekah Sherry & Joshua Pietzold | The Long Islander
Randy Kaplan has collected over 300 baseballs signed by various world leaders including Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama and Panamanian President Juan Carlos Valera.

Anisah Abdullah & Maggie Cai | The Osprey
The Nassau County Democratic and Republican committees will meet on Oct. 13 to discuss a proposed $105 increase in traffic and parking violation fees as an alternative to raising county property taxes.

Danielle Hall | Smithsonian Magazine
Researchers are using aerial technology to track coastal erosion, map coral reefs and even give whales a breathalyzer

Christopher Cameron and Rebekah Sherry
Over 100 of the 125 school districts on Long Island are on track to finish testing their pipes for lead contamination by October 31st

Danielle Hall
Brookhaven National Laboratory is turning high school teachers into experts in synchrotron science.

In three minutes, journalism students in the introductory broadcast class (JRN 310) provide updated news and information about Stony Brook University as well as national, international news and campus calendar.



Abigail Wolfenberger reports on this year's Stony Brook Jazz Fest. The traditions, the music, and the people come to life in this story for the Stony Brook Newscast.

Abigail Wolfenberger
Women in science working together to overcome obstacles and find support in their professional lives are the focus of this segment from the Stony Brook News.


Yingzi Dong | The Osprey
On Sunday April 9, thousands of people gathered to enjoy the annual Spring Car Show and Swap Meet at Belmont Racetrack, held by Long Island Cars.

Jordan Boyd and Noah Buttner | The Long Islander
The museum exhibit, titled “From the Arcade to the Living Room,” running now through December, offers attendees the chance to play every system from the Atari 2600, to the Playstation.

The Long Islander
New regulations issued by Little League Baseball and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSA) in November 2016 came into effect on Opening Day, Monday, April 3, 2017.

Arielle Dollinger | VICE News
Libraries and colleges across the country are trying to educate people into being better, more discerning consumers of news. SoJ Alum Arielle Dollinger explores this movement in her piece for VICE.

Taylor Ha |Stony Brook Statesman
These students didn’t hack computer systems in the traditional sense. Instead, they marshaled their computer science skills toward engineering innovative, useful software.