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Featured print and web stories from students at all levels in the School of Journalism.

My Career is a Drag

Joshua Pietzold
RuPaul’s Drag Race has elevated drag culture to the mainstream, inspiring hundreds of people to pursue a career in drag. But it’s made it harder, not easier, for drag queens to make a living doing drag.

Where are the teachers of color?

Taylor Ha
Long Island is known for being one of the most segregated suburbs in the nation. But there’s an untold story: The absence of minority teachers in Long Island public schools.

Long Island JCC To Offer LGBTQ Summer Camp

Jay Shah | WSHU
A week-long LGBTQ summer day camp will launch in August on Long Island. The pilot program is for kids ages 12 – 18 and will run for a week.

The Commuter

The staff of The Osprey is proud to present its final publication for the spring of 2018, a site dedicated to transportation on Long Island.

Unfulfilled Dreams

Kristie Kam
This Capstone Project profiles young professionals who are DACA recipients, awaiting the fate of their long-term investment and success in America.

Eradicating HIV

Dara Smith
Senior Capstone Project on NY State’s ambitious program  to eradicate HIV as a public health menace

How Psychedelics May Change Mental Health Treatment

Mahreen Kahn
A Capstone Project looks at the experimental use of psilocybin, a psychedelic drug, to treat severe anxiety and depression in cancer patients

The Fight Against Lead Poisoning in Public Housing

Marshall Cooper
The horrible conditions endured by tenants in buildings owned by the New York City Housing Authority is the topic of this Senior Capstone Project.

March for Our Lives Photo Gallery

Photos by Christopher Cameron

In wake of Parkland shooting, Suffolk schools debate hiring armed guards

The Osprey
At least three school districts across Suffolk County are considering hiring armed guards after the Miller Place School District announced it would bring on four ex-NYPD officers to improve security.

Long Island firearms dealers report increased sales following Parkland tragedy

The Osprey
Days after the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, several Long Island firing range and gun store owners have noticed an uptick in business contrary to national trends of the past 13 months.

Long Island hearing filled with opposition to proposed offshore drilling

The Osprey
Nearly 30 environmentalists and 11 public officials in Smithtown spoke in opposition to the Trump administration proposal to drill for oil off of Long Island’s coast at a hearing on Feb. 14.

Proposed cell tower raises environmental concerns in Smithtown

The Osprey
Plans to build a 120-foot cell tower in Smithtown to improve phone reception are being held up as the government and community consider the proposal’s potential ramifications.

Proposed $38.5 million library project triggers debate in Tri-Hamlet area

Jim Lo | The Osprey
The current Mastic-Moriches-Shirley Community Library has been at that location for approximately 45 years and is plagued with issues, according to library officials.
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Telling fact from fiction on social media

Duffy Zimmerman | Newday
An opinion piece by this SOJ student addressed the problem of distinguishing trustworthy information on the internet. If you stop the spread of that content, you make it easier to get the truth.
Blue iceberg

Icebergs Can Be Green, Black, Striped, Even Rainbow

Katherine Wright | Scientific American
Katherine Wright, an SoJ grad student and a science writer and journal editor working for the American Physical Society, reports how seawater, algae and lack of cracks can create colors other than white.

Radio Telescope at Brookhaven National Laboratory Hunts for Dark Energy

Katherine Wright |The Long Islander
A mysterious force is pushing the Universe’s planets, stars, and galaxies away from each other at a continuously increasing speed.

Huntington Public Art Initiative Faces Defunding

The Long Islander
The Traffic Signal Box Project is one of Huntington Public Art Initiative’s ventures, but the 10 other boxes scheduled to be painted this year may never be completed if the Town Board doesn’t renew the Initiative’s budget for 2018.

Martial arts school starts four-week female self-defense class

The Osprey
The Modern Warrior, a martial arts school in Lindenhurst, started their four-week female self-defense class rotation.

Long Islanders Demand Action from Government Five Years After Hurricane Sandy

The Long Islander
On the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, NY Renews and about 100 Long Islanders came together to rally for the government to provide more relief to those who are still suffering from the effects of the hurricane.

Stony Brook News – April 23, 2018

Journalism students in the advanced broadcast class (JRN 371) produce their eleventh news show of the Spring ’18 semester which includes: A burglary in the Staller Center, a painting event for transfer students, a jazz understanding event on campus, a recap of Seawolves Sports and this week's weather.



Long Island hearing filled with opposition to proposed offshore drilling

The Osprey
Nearly 30 environmentalists and 11 public officials in Smithtown spoke in opposition to the Trump administration proposal to drill for oil off of Long Island’s coast at a hearing on Feb. 14.

Ex-boxer opens Cuban restaurant in Huntington

Daniel Gatta | More Than Bagels
Professional boxer Alan Gotay hung up his gloves to pursue a career in the food industry. On Wednesday, April 19, Gotay’s very own Cuban restaurant, Babalu NY, opened in Huntington.

Long Island Musicians Impacted By Streaming

Guneet Singh | Find The Beat
Streaming has grown in popularity among consumers, but poses an issue for artists who are paid very little for their music.

Sports Reporting initiative a home run for students

Christopher Cameron
Benefiting from a wealth of experience and a diverse selection of skills on offer, the Sports Reporting class has given students an outlet to pursue their passions, and has inspired the newest broadcast news show in the School of Journalism.

Annual Spring Car Show takes over Belmont Racetrack

Yingzi Dong | The Osprey
On Sunday April 9, thousands of people gathered to enjoy the annual Spring Car Show and Swap Meet at Belmont Racetrack, held by Long Island Cars.