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The School of Communication and Journalism’s J Drive showcases the best student work from the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism program.

The J Drive features student work done for academic credit in courses, internships, and other special projects.

These stories showcase the hands-on reporting work and show how our students’ reporting skills develop as they progress through the program.


About the School of Communication and Journalism

The Stony Brook University School of Communication and Journalism prepares students to pursue careers as journalists and media professionals, and to be informed consumers of news and information.

The School emphasizes hands-on education, and focuses on offering students the chance to develop and practice skills that will be important throughout their careers. All students learn to conduct interviews and report stories across media platforms, learning TV, video, and audio production skills and how to write for each media.


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Some stories we cover: how different cultures celebrate the Winter Equinox, lighting of the Menorah on the 6th night of Chanukah, Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, Dickens Festival in Port Jefferson.


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