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  • Meeting Michael Brown

    Meeting Michael Brown

    • April 28, 2022

    by Joseph D’Alessandro Michael Brown’s journey starts and ends in Huntington, Long Island. The headquarters of his automotive empire is a block and a half away from the garage where his father worked as a mechanic decades earlier.  The Michael Brown of today is a reputable business leader, a father of three, and a generous

  • When the Nighthawk Sang in Brooklyn

    • February 9, 2022

    BY Maria Lynders Nobody crosses the eight lanes of Flatbush Avenue in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn without a walk signal.  But on a summer evening more than three decades ago, 29-year-old Michael Anderson stumbled out into high-speed traffic after a long night of drinking. It was just past midnight, but cars and buses

  • Vinyl comes full circle

    • January 25, 2022

    BY Anthony LeonMusic Journalist “New vinyl is kind of trash to be honest – it’s ripped from digital masters and just lazily pressed on to super thick wax to give the appearance of quality – where in fact you are getting compressed music that isn’t even CD quality.” Peter Drosos, a 34-year-old who has been

  • Local musicians that Covid-19 became a haven for

    • January 24, 2022

    BY Elisha Asif The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a nightmare for nearly every industry, but musicians, who make most of their money from in-person concerts, may have had it worse than most job industries. Since the mandates kept concerts from happening, the billion dollar industry saw one of its worst days. But even through