The Explosion: An account of a gas station disaster in Ghana

Stony Brook Alum Jessica Opatich was on the ground in Accra in the aftermath of a gas station explosion that left at least seven dead. This story sheds light on the continuing epidemic of gas station and tanker explosions in Ghana, and the impact of the government's failure to solve the problem.

Catholic Diocese Creates Compensation Fund For Clergy Abuse Victims

Nicola Shannon | WSHU Public Radio
Victims who accept the compensation must agree not to pursue legal action against the diocese.

Stony Brook community arranges relief efforts for Puerto Rico

Maria Cestero | Stony Brook Statesman
Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, leaving many of its citizens without vital resources, including food, water, power and shelter.

SBU To Open Nuclear Physics Center

Katherine Wright
Brookhaven National Laboratory and Stony Brook University announced that a physics research center dedicated to understanding the building blocks of matter will open on Long Island this year.

Schumer Pushes Hard Against Trump Tax Proposal

Ronny Reyes | WSHU Public Radio
Schumer said the President’s plan would hurt thousands of Long Islanders.

New York’s Crisis in Organ Donations

Kevin Urgiles
New York State faces a severe organ donor shortage at a time when nearly 10,000 New Yorkers are waiting for the gift of life.

Stony Brook News: Clean Drinking Water

The Special Projects team investigates concerns of contaminated drinking water on Long Island

Researchers, Students Join NASA on Mission to Explore Otherworldly Locations

NASA recently joined forces with Stony Brook University students and researchers to venture into th New Mexico desert as part of a program designed to prepare future astronauts.

VP for Student Affairs passes away

Stony Brook Statesman
Vice President for Student Affairs Peter Baigent passed away on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 1, during a voluntary leave of absence.

New State Grant Program Will Help Military Veteran Farmers

The Long Islander
New York State approved a grant program last week that will provide farmers who are military veterans with up to $50,000 to increase their farm production.

Suffolk County To Upgrade Police Arsenal

Jay Shah | WSHU Public Radio
Suffolk County law enforcement will receive nearly $500,000 in state grants for ballistic body armor, helmets and patrol rifles.

Can Librarians Save Us from Fake News?

Arielle Dollinger | VICE News
Libraries and colleges across the country are trying to educate people into being better, more discerning consumers of news. SoJ Alum Arielle Dollinger explores this movement in her piece for VICE.

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The Journalism Without Walls program sends students and teachers on foreign reporting trips in order to prepare them for the challenges of working in the field.


Stony Brook Surgeons Reconstruct Baby’s Skull Using 3D Printing

Using a cutting-edge procedure for craniosynostosis that benefits from the use of 3D printing technology, baby Vincent Bono's triangular-shaped forehead was able to be corrected by surgeons of Stony Brook Medicine.

Brutal Gang Murders Draw Federal Attention

WSHU Public Radio
This is the latest in a series of gang-related deaths that began in September with the murder of two teenage girls. Four more bodies were discovered since – all suspected to be killed at the hands of MS-13.

Surviving New York

Megan Miller
In an effort to use her tragic story as a catalyst for change, Ana Wagner began advocating for children’s civil rights in New York State.

North Koreans Treated as Second Class

Cosette Nuñez
In a country where North Korean Refugees are treated as second class citizens, the Duam School embraces them.








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