My Life is a Drag

Joshua Pietzold
RuPaul’s Drag Race has elevated drag culture to the mainstream, inspiring hundreds of people to pursue a career in drag. But it’s made it harder, not easier, for drag queens to make a living doing drag.

Where are the teachers of color?

Taylor Ha
Long Island is known for being one of the most segregated suburbs in the nation. But there’s an untold story: The absence of minority teachers in Long Island public schools.

The Fight Against Lead Poisoning in Public Housing

Marshall Cooper
The horrible conditions endured by tenants in buildings owned by the New York City Housing Authority is the topic of this Senior Capstone Project.

The Commuter

The staff of The Osprey is proud to present its final publication for the spring of 2018, a site dedicated to transportation on Long Island.

Sexual Harassment Bills To Protect Suffolk County Employees

Rebekah Sherry | WSHU Public Radio
Two new bills are meant to protect county employees from sexual harassment and discrimination.

Unfulfilled Dreams

Kristie Kam
This Capstone Project profiles young professionals who are DACA recipients, awaiting the fate of their long-term investment and success in America.

Stony Brook Newscast: Get App at Starbucks

If you hate long lines waiting for your coffee at Starbucks, a new app called "Get" allows you to phone ahead.

March For Our Lives

School of Journalism Special Project
On March 24, nine students from the SOJ reported from the “March For Our Lives” rally, organized and led by survivors of the deadly shooting Parkland, Florida, just five weeks before.

Campus labor union demands contract after 20-month hold up

Gary Ghayrat | Stony Brook Statesman
Members of the UUP have been without a fair contract since July of 2016. Salary increases, paid family leave, and on-call pay have been holding up contract negotiations.

How Psychedelics May Change Mental Health Treatment

Mahreen Kahn
A Capstone Project looks at the experimental use of psilocybin, a psychedelic drug, to treat severe anxiety and depression in cancer patients

Dow Jones News Fund creates site for homeless aid program

Eric Schmid
Recent graduate Eric Schmid attended the Dow Jones News Fund training program and participated in creating this site for the Phoenix Homeless Project.

A Heart Transplant Saved My Life

Amanda Marzullo
SOJ alum Marzullo, a Digital Content Producer at Northwell Health, produced an ambitious and intense video project, and is spreading the inspiring story on social media.

Featured newscast



Stony Brook Newsbreak – May 2, 2018

In four minutes, journalism students in the introductory broadcast class (JRN310) provide updated news and information about Stony Brook University as well as national and international news plus this week's weather.



Newsbreak en Español – 18 de Octubre, 2017

En la primera edición de Newsbreak en Español, nosotros vemos el programa de DACA, el crisis humanitario de Puerto Rico, políticas en Latinoamérica y el pronóstico de esta semana.



The Journalism Without Walls program sends students and teachers on foreign reporting trips in order to prepare them for the challenges of working in the field.

Santeria shrine

CUBA: 2018

Santería: an old religion in the new Cuba

An estimated 70 percent of Cubans practice some form of Santería, an Afro-Caribbean religion derived based in natural elements. But some practitioner say their religion is not always respected, or understood.


Manari Ushigua and the weight of the world

The leader of the Sápara nation has become the Sáparas’ link to the Western world, tasked with guiding his people to safety in a country that would see their territory scoured for oil.

KOREA: 2016

Studying Lifestyle of Hardship in Korea

In many ways, South Korea today remains a place still wedded to ancient Confucian values. One of the most important is a respect for learning and the learned. Few things are more honorable.


Stony Brook Surgeons Reconstruct Baby’s Skull Using 3D Printing

Using a cutting-edge procedure for craniosynostosis that benefits from the use of 3D printing technology, baby Vincent Bono's triangular-shaped forehead was able to be corrected by surgeons of Stony Brook Medicine.

Brutal Gang Murders Draw Federal Attention

WSHU Public Radio
This is the latest in a series of gang-related deaths that began in September with the murder of two teenage girls. Four more bodies were discovered since – all suspected to be killed at the hands of MS-13.

Conducting to the Top

The Stony Brook University Orchestra is comprised of over 70 undergraduates and has been acclaimed as a considerable success over the past decade. This is all thanks to one woman, Susan Deaver.

North Koreans Treated as Second Class

Cosette Nuñez
In a country where North Korean Refugees are treated as second class citizens, the Duam School embraces them.








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