• Believe At Your Own Risk: A New Attack on Privacy

    Believe At Your Own Risk: A New Attack on Privacy0

    When was the last time you read a company’s privacy policy before checking the “I agree” box and signing up for its online service?

    You wouldn’t be the first to skip right past it, or the last. Only 13 percent of people say they always read the terms of service before agreeing to them, according to an Axios-SurveyMonkey poll. But blindly agreeing to social media’s policies may have you forfeiting more than your right for a company to sell your data. It may mean your online content could legally be turned into deepfake pornography and sold.

  • Taking Fashion Out Of The Fast Lane

    Taking Fashion Out Of The Fast Lane0

    Fast fashion, cheap quickly made clothing to satisfy trends, is a popular segment of the worldwide fashion industry. Fast fashion lets consumers follow the latest trends inexpensively, in as little as just weeks after new designs hit the runways in Paris, New York and Milan. But the hidden costs, in water pollution, labor abuses, oceanic pollution, crowded landfills and intellectual property theft have spurred a reaction in the fashion industry, a movement advocates are calling “slow fashion.”

  • My Career is a Drag

    My Career is a Drag0

    Joshua Pietzold
    RuPaul’s Drag Race has elevated drag culture to the mainstream, inspiring hundreds of people to pursue a career in drag. But it’s made it harder, not easier, for drag queens to make a living doing drag.

  • The Commuter

    The Commuter0

    The staff of The Osprey is proud to present its final publication for the spring of 2018, Longislandcommuter.com a site dedicated to transportation on Long Island.

  • Day Laborers on Long Island

    Day Laborers on Long Island0

    Demi Guo, Arielle Martinez, and Ronny Reyes
    For their multimedia JRN364 project, SOJ students report on how suburbs on Long Island came to terms with a decades-long controversy

  • Reporting RIS4E

    Reporting RIS4E0

    A national research team called RIS4E is helping NASA lay the groundwork for missions of the future that land humans on Mars, the Moon and maybe even asteroids.