Hanaa' Tameez | Wall Street Journal
Surging homicide levels put heat on president, as early success fades; calm spots now at risk


WSHU Public Radio
This is the latest in a series of gang-related deaths that began in September with the murder of two teenage girls. Four more bodies were discovered since – all suspected to be killed at the hands of MS-13.


Will Welch
The presidency of Samuel L. Stanley Jr. demonstrates how economic forces are shaping universities in a post-recession economy.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke with the Stony Brook News on a new program for STEM scholarships.



Anna Correa | Stony Brook Statesman
Members of the Stony Brook community traveled almost 300 miles from campus to Washington D.C. on Earth Day, April 22 to speak out against federal budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mike Adams |Stony Brook Statesman
International correspondent Roy Gutman spoke to a small group of students about his coverage of the civil war and tragedy in Syria .

Taylor Ha |Stony Brook Statesman
These students didn’t hack computer systems in the traditional sense. Instead, they marshaled their computer science skills toward engineering innovative, useful software.

Mike Adams | Stony Brook Statesman
A crowd of over 1,000 gathered in the Staller Center on Feb. 23 to hear a candid conversation between Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times, and School of Journalism Dean Howard Schneider.

Michaela Kilgallen & Mahreen Khan |Stony Brook Statesman
University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. has said Stony Brook is considering adding citations for smoking on campus.

Antonia Brogna |Stony Brook Statesman
After spending four years as a foreign correspondent in Moscow, Russia, retired National Public Radio reporter Corey Flintoff visited Stony Brook University to discuss Russian-American relations.

Danielle DelGaudio | Stony Brook Press
It was history 108 years in the making. On the morning of Nov. 3, 2016, the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series title since 1908.

Jess Stoneburner | Stony Brook Statesman
The annual “Take a Stand, Walk with Me” march takes place every October for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is organized by the Center for Prevention and Outreach, which aims to raise awareness about domestic violence.


Alicia Bermudez | WSHU Public Radio
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions specifically cited gang violence on Long Island as he called for enhanced border security and immigration reform.

Ronny Reyes | WSHU Public Radio
The Town of Riverhead has struck a deal with Luminati Aerospace to sell the last acres of Enterprise Park at Calverton for $40 million.

Jay Shah | WSHU Public Radio
The plume of toxic chemicals from the former Northrop Grumman plant on Long Island has slowly seeped into the ground over the past 60 years.

Jay Shah | WSHU Public Radio
Investigators found a connection between more than a dozen MS-13 gang members and seven murders, including those of three teenagers from Brentwood in Suffolk County last year.


Christopher Cameron and Rebekah Sherry
Over 100 of the 125 school districts on Long Island are on track to finish testing their pipes for lead contamination by October 31st
Melanie Oudin

Andrew Eichenholz | Rolling Stone
School of Journalism star reporter Andrew Eichenholz pens this timely piece for Sports Illustrated about the young tennis player's struggle with disease.

Andrew Eichenholz | Rolling Stone



Cosette Nunez
In many ways, South Korea today remains a place still wedded to ancient Confucian values. One of the most important is a respect for learning and the learned. Few things are more honorable.

The Kabini River Lodge, named for the Kabini River along which it sits, is 140 miles away from the bustle of Bangalore. The lodge gives guests a glimpse of Indian wildlife in its natural habitat.

Catherine Ayscue
Food has always been important to the Chinese—some time ago, “Have you eaten?” was used as a way of greeting, a way to ask, “How are you?” Now the phrase has mostly fallen out of use, but food maintains its significance in the culture.

By Ivana Stolnik
A year after President Barack Obama’s historic announcement that the United States would begin to restore relations with Cuba, a lot of things have changed. But the onerous economic blockade remains. The effect of that U.S. policy continues to cripple the Cuban economy.

Kyle Barr
The tourists who come to the Korean Demilitarized Zone are drawn in with the promise of a tangible glimpse into the state of North Korea.

Cosette Nuñez
In a country where North Korean Refugees are treated as second class citizens, the Duam School embraces them.

Briana Lionetti, Rick Ricioppo
In 2012, Chris Cloonan visited Cuba with the SOJ's Journalism Without Walls program. and is now a tour guide there.

Jessica Chin and Chereese Cross
Though Seoul’s subway system is much smaller in than New York's, it gives its bigger population a more comfortable and efficient experience.


For the past two decades physician assisted suicide has been a hot button issue in New York State and throughout the nation. Stony Brook students investigated the controversy over aid-in-dying in New York as their capstone project.

Megan Miller
In an effort to use her tragic story as a catalyst for change, Ana Wagner began advocating for children’s civil rights in New York State.

Christine Powell, Emily Heller, Khloé Meitz
School of Journalism students spent the past several months following fourth-year medical students on the final and most nerve-wracking part of their medical educations.

Jimin Kim
After surviving a chimp attack, Dunia Sibomana finds a new life in America on his journey to regain his smile.

Journalism students and teachers join NASA scientists to chronicle field research on the lava flows of the most active volcano on earth.

Students from the School of Journalism at Stony Brook University were taking special Journalism summer classes in Hawaii and India.


Jimin Kim
After surviving a chimp attack, Dunia Sibomana finds a new life in America on his journey to regain his smile.

Briana Lionetti, Rick Ricioppo
In 2012, Chris Cloonan visited Cuba with the SOJ's Journalism Without Walls program. and is now a tour guide there.

Newscast Special Report
A visit with some members of the transgender community at the school and a look at some of the issues they are facing.

His brow was furrowed in concentration, his lips pursing occasionally as his mind made delicate calculations - each with the potential to add or detract hundreds of dollars from the end product. In the hands of Edward Maday of Woodmere, Long Island, the 56-year-old father of two, a viol de gamba -- a stringed instrument, relative to the violin -- was being born.








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