• Trying Something New

    Trying Something New0

    By Katharina Buczek  I transferred to Stony Brook University during the COVID-19 pandemic and, due to the social disconnect, I felt a bit lost in my career plans. I was unsure what journalistic path really spoke to me, and that anxiety was almost paralyzing at times.  Even after searching and applying for internships, I still felt

  • Exploring Long Island from my bedroom

    Exploring Long Island from my bedroom0

    By Justin Mitselmakher Over the past six months, I have been interning for the Long Island Press. Not only have I practiced reporting, editing and fact-checking – I have also become more engaged in the local community. I met my soon-to-be editor, Timothy Bolger, at our school’s internship fair in November. At the time, I

  • One step closer to my dream job

    One step closer to my dream job0

    By Danyi Ji This semester I worked in MVC Management Production as a communication intern. No girl can say no to pretty clothes, so I’ve always wanted to work in the fashion industry since I was a little girl. When I received an introduction for an internship in the fashion industry in my school mailbox,

  • Growing in the agriculture beat0

    By Caroline Morgan Of all of the things I thought about doing in college, interning at an organization about agriculture never once crossed my mind. I am the last person on Earth to know anything about farming. Yet this semester I found myself writing for AgNews at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, or CCE,

  • An unexpected lesson in managing expectations

    An unexpected lesson in managing expectations0

    By Maddie Lee I started my time at BoingBoing, “A Directory of Mostly Wonderful Things,” as an intern with co-founder Carla Sinclair in July of 2020. Initially, although I had the title of an intern, it felt more like a mentorship. She was very hands-on while still giving me free rein.  BoingBoing features short posts

  • Being a journalist — not just a student journalist

    Being a journalist — not just a student journalist0

    By Julio Taku I had the pleasure and opportunity to work as the news intern for NPR affiliate WSHU Public Radio this fall . I worked under the editorial direction of two SOCJ adjuncts who both work at WSHU, Terence Sheridan, the station’s news director, and JD Allen, the assistant news director. I learned to