Stony Brook News – April 3, 2017

  • April 3, 2017
Stony Brook News – April 3, 2017

Journalism students in the advanced broadcast class (JRN 371) produce their 7th news show of the Spring ’17 semester which includes: how Stony Brook Hospital Surgeons are using 3D printing technology to help a toddler; the start of Baseball; how to raise your own backyard chicken; a recap of Seawolves Sports and this week’s weather.


.@tirosenberg : The newsrooms that survive are going to be the ones that dedicate their extremely limited resources to high-impact work : investigate reporting, enterprise reporting and #solutionsjournalism. #stonybrooku

🌱 @JDReports on youth and climate solutions
💪 Upcoming SoJo trainings
👂 Healthier interviews w/ @madraekaras
🧑‍💻 Jobs from @onewm and @RFERL
✍️ Freelance for @LatinoNewsNet_

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.@tirosenberg - #journalism has changed enormously in terms of its business model and platform. What hasn’t changed is content. @soljourno is fixing that - #solutionsjournalism aims to create a “more equitable and sustainable world.” #stonybrooku

Delighted to welcome @tirosenberg tonight for My Life as a Solutions Journalist - our first public foray into convening conversations and collaborations about #solutionsjournalism @soljourno

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