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  • We Stan 2020

    We Stan 20200

    It was 2006 when Eminem released his song “Stan,” where he describes a crazy, over-the-top fan who ended up taking his own life because he couldn’t get the rapper’s attention. The fan’s name was Stan.

  • In quiet Stony Brook Village, Jazz Loft grooves

    In quiet Stony Brook Village, Jazz Loft grooves0

    Long Island has a rich history in being a place of refuge for successful jazz artists like John Coltrane who needed to escape the New York City bustle to focus on his musical compositions. Jazz musicians regarded the island as a vacation to the “countryside.”

  • A Heart Transplant Saved My Life

    A Heart Transplant Saved My Life0

    Amanda Marzullo
    SOJ alum Marzullo, a Digital Content Producer at Northwell Health, produced an ambitious and intense video project, and is spreading the inspiring story on social media.

  • My Career is a Drag

    My Career is a Drag0

    Joshua Pietzold
    RuPaul’s Drag Race has elevated drag culture to the mainstream, inspiring hundreds of people to pursue a career in drag. But it’s made it harder, not easier, for drag queens to make a living doing drag.