• The Romance of Wooden Boats

    The Romance of Wooden Boats0

    BY Keating Zelenke On the counters and tables inside the Frank M. Penney boat shop in Sayville, screwdrivers and rubber mallets marinate under a thin layer of sawdust in repurposed Chobani yogurt containers and old coffee tins. The smell of wooden spruce planks makes a cozy building feel cozier, and the iron wood-burning stove at

  • Trying Something New

    Trying Something New0

    By Katharina Buczek  I transferred to Stony Brook University during the COVID-19 pandemic and, due to the social disconnect, I felt a bit lost in my career plans. I was unsure what journalistic path really spoke to me, and that anxiety was almost paralyzing at times.  Even after searching and applying for internships, I still felt

  • Exploring Long Island from my bedroom

    Exploring Long Island from my bedroom0

    By Justin Mitselmakher Over the past six months, I have been interning for the Long Island Press. Not only have I practiced reporting, editing and fact-checking – I have also become more engaged in the local community. I met my soon-to-be editor, Timothy Bolger, at our school’s internship fair in November. At the time, I

  • One step closer to my dream job

    One step closer to my dream job0

    By Danyi Ji This semester I worked in MVC Management Production as a communication intern. No girl can say no to pretty clothes, so I’ve always wanted to work in the fashion industry since I was a little girl. When I received an introduction for an internship in the fashion industry in my school mailbox,

  • Growing in the agriculture beat0

    By Caroline Morgan Of all of the things I thought about doing in college, interning at an organization about agriculture never once crossed my mind. I am the last person on Earth to know anything about farming. Yet this semester I found myself writing for AgNews at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, or CCE,

  • How Stony Brook University Scientists Gave Shinnecock Bay a New Life0

    By Rafael Cruvinel As a sunny spring morning rises at Shinnecock Bay, workers start to load boats with equipment for the day, birds sing in the sky and a soft breeze cools the air. Clear aquamarine waters stretch to the horizon.  Years ago, it was possible to spot red tides polluting these same waters, as