• Community Journalism at WSHU

    Community Journalism at WSHU0

         Xenia at WSHU By Xenia Gonikberg           At WSHU, I got the chance to experience working in a real newsroom environment. Over the course of four months, I developed my news writing, audio recording and editing skills. This internship was my first “true” journalism internship, meaning that it revolved

  • Cold Call Turns Into an Enriching Semester at Tu Prensa Local

    Cold Call Turns Into an Enriching Semester at Tu Prensa Local0

      By Rafael Fonseca Cruvinel        Interning at Tu Prensa Local taught me a lot about the news industry, even before I officially started. For the past three months, I’ve reported on stories of relevance to the Latino community on the East End of Long Island, which taught me a lot about the

  • Focusing on SBU Sports

    Focusing on SBU Sports0

    By Emelia Bowie        During my internship at Stony Brook Athletics Media, I was able to gain invaluable experience and knowledge in the field of sports journalism and photography. Throughout my time there, I had the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in the industry who were more than willing to share their

  • The Wellness Beat at Her Campus

    The Wellness Beat at Her Campus0

    By Julia Heming           When I was 14, my parents finally allowed me to download social media. Unlike most of my peers, I instantly began following publications, fashion influencers, and writers – this is how I found Her Campus. I signed up for the newsletter, pored over articles, and dreamed of

  • The Adrenaline Rush of Nightly News

    The Adrenaline Rush of Nightly News0

    Viola with NBC news anchor Lester Holt By Viola Flowers           NBC Nightly News was one of the most influential experiences of my life. Before Nightly, I thought I wanted to do print journalism, and in a way I was hoping this internship would reaffirm that for me. But instead, it

  • Getting Creative With Baseball

    Getting Creative With Baseball0

    By Benjamin Ryan             During the spring semester of my freshman year in college, I was fortunate enough to land an internship at a baseball media company on Long Island. As someone who had always been interested in sports media, I was thrilled at the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field.